Steph @Wyken Studio

Hi I’m Steph Hesketh, I joined the studio in July 2014 and currently I mostly specialise in realism tattoos. My favourite things to tattoo are portraits, whether they are portraits of famous faces or portraits of loved ones, I really enjoy creating faces. I love working in both colour and black and grey, both can look amazing as tattoos. As well as portraits I also really enjoy a variety of other style of tattoos, for example feminine pattern work pieces such as henna style or mandalas with intricate line work and dot work or more stylised geometric pieces with watercolour painting like colours. My portfolio is quite varied, and I enjoy being able to work in a broad range of styles as it always keeps my work days interesting.

When I’m not working in the studio I love to work on my oil painting and other creative outlets, some of which you can see displayed on the walls at the studio. And I also enjoy spending time in nature to relax and rejuvenate my artistic flow. I’m more often than not the quiet one working at the studio, but I do enjoy the creative environment and light hearted feel of the studio on a daily basis. We are a very friendly shop and will always go above and beyond to help you get the tattoo you dream of. You can find an up to date portfolio on my instagram @stephhesketh or my facebook Stephanie Hesketh.