Guidelines for clients


  • When arriving please knock the door and wait for us to let you in, as we need to make sure the waiting area is empty.
  • A day or so before your appointment we will contact you to ask how you are feeling, if your temperature is raised or you have a new cough or any other symptoms of COVID -19 please let us know before your appointment. If you develop symptoms after your appointment you will be required to inform us so we can take immediate action. 
  • Please arrive on time to your appointment, if you are early please wait in a safe place (i.e your car) until your appointment time. Do not crowd the doorway. This allows us to keep our entrance to the studio clear of people and avoid a cross over of people arriving.
  • Please come alone and bring as little possessions as possible. Keep these on you at all times. Coat hooks are no longer to be used to avoid clothing touching.
  • You will be required to wear a mask to enter the studio, this will need to stay in place for the duration of your visit. If you arrive without one we will do our best to provide you with a mask. Please do not touch or remove your mask without your artists permission.
  • We will also take your temperature upon arrival via a contactless thermometer, if your temperature is 38°C or above you will not be able to enter the studio.
  • Upon arrival you will be required to sanitise your hands and mobile devices. You will then fill out our consent form and contact tracing form via your own mobile device, which your artist will check and sign wearing clean gloves.
  • Please ensure you stay 2 meters away from all other people in the studio with the exception of your artist.
  • No food or drink in the tattoo area. If you would like a hot drink or water during your visit please bring a suitable clean travel or disposable cup/bottle with you. You will have set breaks as directed by your artist.