Dan @Wyken Studio

Hi I’m Dan Dygas, where should I begin? I am a professional colouring-iner I have been tattooing for over 9 years professionally and have been working at Grizzlys Art Collective for all this time. I love 'colouring people in' for a job. I try my hardest to create the best art I can for my clients. A small tattoo is just as important as large work. (full arms, legs and backs).

I enjoy tattooing all different styles of work, my favourite style of tattooing that I enjoy most doing are portraits, realism, Japanese and pattern work. My main art influence is Alphonse Mucha, which is art nouveau. When I have spare time I like to paint and generally scribbling on things. Thank you for reading my profile about myself, If you would like a tattoo from me you can send me an email and view my work on my social media pages.

@ddygas  dan@grizzlyartcollective.com