About us


Grizzly Art Collective are tattoo studios based in Coventry with locations in Wyken and Radford. Our open-plan studios enhance your tattoo experience by creating a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy. You will also be able to see the excellent work being carried out by the artists. The open plan nature also promotes very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the studios.

Our client feedback regularly says we are the friendliest and most helpful studios they have visited. We have screens available to use if privacy is required, so you will always feel comfortable no matter where your tattoo is placed. Our high standard of work is plain to see and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Our team is highly regarded and we pride ourselves in our ability to meet your desires.

Please feel free to come down and have a chat. We hope you have a wonderful experience at our studio, feeling awesome with your new tattoo!

Wyken team: Dan, Steph, Aga, Aidan & Hannah

Services - Tattoo & Laser Treatments


Radford team: Natasha, Emilia & Rachel

Services - Tattoo & Piercing